Are you a Senior Christian leader? Who are Senior Christian leaders anyway?

Senior: A person near or over 50 years of age.

Christian: A saved follower of Jesus Christ who is actively walking with God.

Leader: A servant of Christ who is called to minister to others.

A Christian Leaders Community

Senior Christian leaders are over 50 years old and are celebrating new opportunities for ministry. Maybe you are called to ministry in this exciting era of your life!

As Senior Christian leaders, you have experienced joys and sorrows. These experiences have strengthened your walk with God and prepared you to help others!

We have noticed that older Christian leaders need less financial support. In many cases, they are able to do ministry as volunteers or as part-time ministers.

We have noticed that fifty and older Christian leaders want to serve in ministry in more specialized areas. They are content to serve on a ministry team in a church or with a ministry. Some older and more experienced  Christian leaders, however, actually start churches or ministries.

Christian Leaders Ministries Opportunities

Christian Leaders Ministries supports Senior Christians to become servant leaders through Free ministry training for awards, College Credentials with Low Fees,  Ordination, and Life Coach Minister Certification.

This Senior Christian Leaders website will celebrate the ministry opportunities of those involved with the Christian Leaders Ministries. This website will feature ministry stories and testimonies and senior minister topics and conversations interesting to the called Senior Christian leaders.

If you are interested in beginning your journey to serve as a Christian leader, enroll in the getting started Connections Class at Christian Leaders Institute. The ministry classes at Christian Leaders Institute are free and supported by the generosity of Vision Partners.

Enroll in Free Ministry Training

After you get going at Christian Leaders Institute, you will have access to ministry awards. After you begin at Christian Leaders Institute, you will have access to Christian Leaders College to earn collegiate credentials through low fees. You will be able to become ordained as a minister with the Christian Leaders Alliance. You will also be able to complete a life coach certification program as a life coach minister.

Enroll now to get started!

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Senior Christian Leaders Ministry Opportunities

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